The intention of this design was to naturalise and soften the property through a graceful and stylish approach. There was to be an emphasis on encouraging wildlife, pollinating insects in particular, helping to create an elegant urban retreat. The project included the front of the house and a roof terrace.

It was important to impart year round impact to the entrance so we introduced large, bespoke statement planters, specimen trees and contemporary brass wall lights. The silhouettes of the multi-stemmed trees combined with evergreen underplanting ensured an elegant and dynamic effect through the winter months. The spring flowering perennials and autumn flowering Heptacodium were covered in bees in their first year - testimony that the neighbourhood pollinators had a new source of early and late forage as intended!

As with any roof terrace, the first hurdle was to ascertain the structural condition and weight loading capacity of the area. Working alongside a structural engineer and fantastic construction team, the space was transformed from a busy and cramped galley into a calm and sophisticated sanctuary

Low maintenance and durable porcelain paving, bespoke powder coated planters and sumptuous copper light fittings lend the space a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere. High impact, successional planting, softens the space and introduces seasonal bursts of colour and scent.

Build & Installation